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So what is Pilates?

So what is Pilates?

I get asked this question ALOT and my thoughts on the question have massively changed over the years.

Instead of the question being “What is Pilates” (as in the principles and history blah blah - sorry to all the purists out there) I like the question, “What does Pilates mean to you?”. Why? Because I believe that everything we do in life means something to us. Maybe it’s the history, the structure, or getting fit or maybe, just maybe, you do something for fun. Sometimes life situations force us down a route, maybe to cause distraction or to improve our health. All these reasons implement reason and meaning to do something.

So, What does Pilates mean to me? Well… When I started at 14 it meant bugger all 😂 it was this slow paced mat thing that annoyed me when I couldn’t get it ‘right’. Fast forwards 20years (yikes! 😬) it now means the absolute world to me.

Pilates , especially over the last 8years has given me a lifeline. Most of you know the story of about my back but when it went on me, I genuinely thought my active life was over. I’ve never felt quite so low within my body. The inability to walk without pain, coming from someone who would run everywhere, was soul destroying. Pilates gave me a pathway to getting my body back again and boy do I appreciate every day that I am pain free now.

It also turned my life around, at 30 I had some sort of ‘aha’ moment. I’d been going to classes for years and I thought, I can do this. I wanted to help people experience what I had, If I could change my life, so could others. So that was that, I re-trained and I decided that I was going to open a Pilates studio and thats what I did.

So now, Pilates to me is freedom, its about being able to be me, to help others, with this awesome bonus your body feels amazing. I’m not one to take life too seriously, I’ve been through my fair share to make me realise that all I want is to enjoy what I do, with amazing people around me, have fun and be happy.

I’ll take the 6 Pilates principles and says cheers to Joseph Pilates, thank you for being the man that created a world I love being apart of, and apologies for my own ad-libs in class, but unicorns rock! 😜.

I’ll maybe I’ll write about what we actually do in class another day but I just wanted to share my little thoughts with you. Keep smiling and be happy 😃.

I’f you fancy joining me in person or online get in touch! 🙌🏻


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