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Hello and welcome to LA Pilates. My name is Lucy and I teach Pilates in Truro, Cornwall and the surrounding areas. I specialise in teaching Pilates for beginners to intermediate using both Pilates mat classes and Pilates apparatus classes. I have a Pilates studio at my home in Penpol where I teach 1:1 Pilates sessions. If you live near me or in the surrounding areas come along and try out one of my classes and see what Pilates can do for you.

Pilates is a fantastic way of getting the body moving, great at aiding recovery from injury / surgery and very beneficial for pre and postnatal women out there. Pilates is an exercise method designed to help work deeper into the core and get our bodies moving in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to see me in action follow me on Facebook / Instagram and watch out for classes near you and additional workshops taking place. Look forward to seeing you soon!

"Everyone is the architect of his own happiness"

Joseph H Pilates