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LA Pilates on demand has been designed by me, for you.

The classes combine both classical and dynamic Pilates to keep you workouts exciting, challenging and progressive.

Want to join us? Start your FREE trial today.

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  • On demand, wherever you are

  • Plan your workout to suit your needs

  • FREE online 'Lunch Club' LIVE

  • Live catch ups

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Want to join our online 'Lunch Club?

Every Wednesday we meet online at 1pm for 30mins of movement. 

Sessions are booked via Gymcatch, PAYG.

I have worked to bring together all the elements that I LOVE in one place. Each class is designed for your body in mind. Progressions and regressions so you can get the most out of your workout. 

I want movement to be available for everyone, maybe you're scared to join a class due to an old injury or self conscious, I'm hoping this will help you start your journey into really enjoying moving.

Make sure you join our mailing list and Facebook group 'LA Pilates VIPs' so you get latest updates and accountability in doing your classes on demand.

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