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My name is Lucy

Creator of fun, madness & Burn

Favourite Color: Pink, I kid myself that it is blue, but no it is pink, just take a look at my profile!

Favourite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Favourite Pilates Move: Has to be a teaser… again take a look at my profile!

Guilty Pleasure: Has to be a block of Castello cheese… yes I said a block, hehe.

Interests: Pilates (that was a given), Walking, Reading, Musical Theatre, Dancing, Being with Family and Friends, Positive Thinking.

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My name is Tony 

Pilates obsessed, surf junkie

Favourite Color: Teal (I couldn't chose between blue and green) probably because I love the sea and I love growing things.

Favourite Quote: “Be like water my friend” – Bruce Lee

Favourite Pilates Move: Mermaids! Such a lovely stretch, especially when you add some rotation and extension, joyous!

Guilty Pleasure: Boney M - I dance like there is nobody watching, when there is nobody watching.

Interests: Pilates (obvs), surfing, gardening, reading, classic VW's and hanging out with Mungo, my hairy dog-child.

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The Fine Details...

Peak Pilates Teacher

Victoria Roper Anatomy and Movement 

CYQ Award Instructing Pre & Post Natal Exercise

BA (Hons) Dance Making & Performance

Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Syllabus

CYQ Level 2 Exercise and Physical Activity for Children

First Aid Trained

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