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Friendly, Fun & Fierce 

LA Pilates is a small group reformer studio where the focus is on finding the fun in movement. No longer are your workouts boring, say goodbye to clock watching and say hello to working your body to its full potential. Where form and function take pride of place you'll be sure to find new heights in your training.

Meet the team.


My name is Lucy

Creator of fun, madness & burn

Favourite Color: Pink, I kid myself that it is blue, but no it is pink, just take a look at my profile!

Favourite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Favourite Pilates Move: Has to be a teaser… again take a look at my profile!

Guilty Pleasure: Has to be a block of Castello cheese… yes I said a block, hehe.

Interests: Pilates (that was a given), Walking, Reading, Musical Theatre, Dancing, Being with Family and Friends, Positive Thinking.

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My name is Tony 

Pilates obsessed, surf junkie

Favourite Color: Teal (I couldn't chose between blue and green) probably because I love the sea and I love growing things.

Favourite Quote: “Be like water my friend” – Bruce Lee

Favourite Pilates Move: Mermaids! Such a lovely stretch, especially when you add some rotation and extension, joyous!

Guilty Pleasure: Boney M - I dance like there is nobody watching, when there is nobody watching.

Interests: Pilates (obvs), surfing, gardening, reading, classic VW's and hanging out with Mungo, my hairy dog-child.

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My name is Susan

Tea drinking daydreamer

Favourite Color: Soft grey

Favourite Quote: “Whits fur Ye’ll no go by Ye” (what’s for you, won’t go past you) - Scottish Granny positivity proverb

Favourite Pilates Move: Finding your feet! Footwork on the reformer; Simplicity, Complexity and the foundations all in one place.

Guilty Pleasure: Idling; I absolutely love doing absolutely nothing!

Interests: Meditation, Classical Music, Bellyboarding, Simple living.

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The Fine Details...

Peak Pilates Teacher

Victoria Roper Anatomy and Movement 

CYQ Award Instructing Pre & Post Natal Exercise

BA (Hons) Dance Making & Performance

Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Syllabus

CYQ Level 2 Exercise and Physical Activity for Children

First Aid Trained

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