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Gentle Pilates in Flushing

Are you looking for a Pilates class in Flushing which challenges you and allows you to achieve your personal goals? Maybe you have a long-term injury or your doctor has suggested Pilates? Then look no further.

LA Pilates Classes, in Flushing is the place for you! I provide Pilates mat classes for all bodies and levels. I have been doing Pilates since I was 14 and after a severe herniated disc I decided to change my career to help others through Pilates.

Pilates in Flushing, has a beautiful setting and you even get to see the sea when you arrive and leave. My sessions are personalised to try and get the most out of each individual. Classes are limited to 12 participants, so you get the attention you need to progress your Pilates mat practice in a group environment.

To book your Pilates session at Flushing, BOOK HERE! I can’t wait to see you.


St Peter’s Church Hall
Arnheim Terrace
TR11 5TL

St Peter’s Church Hall has free parking.

As you drive into flushing on St Peters Road turn onto Arnheim Terrace on your left. Follow the road around to the right and the building is at the end of this road. When parking, please ensure you park in front of the entrance of the hall and not to the side as this is the back of residences houses.


Please wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Make sure you wear layers so you can keep your body warm during the session, you probably won’t need them but it is always nice to be warm rather than cold.

It is not essential to wear grip socks, however I do recommend them as they help for grip on your mat. You can get these from amazon fairly cheaply or I do sell them at £12.50.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own mat. I highly recommend that you have a Pilates mat and NOT a Yoga mat. Pilates ones are thicker 10mm / 12mm which help to protect your spine during the session. You can get these on the internet very reasonably.

You are more than welcome to bring along your own kit, Magic Circle, Bands, Over Balls, however I will provide the kit needed for that session. You are more than welcome to bring a bottle of water, please make sure the top is secure to reduce spillage.