If you’re new to Pilates or just new to me here is a little Q&A which should help answer some of the questions you might have. If not, don’t be a stranger and feel free to call or message me.

What do I bring to my Pilates class?

If you can, please bring a Pilates mat (not Yoga) to the session. Pilates mats are thicker meaning they help to protect your spine. If you have any bands or balls, feel free to bring them also however I do provide these during the weekly sessions.

What do I wear to my Pilates class?

Clothes that are comfortable, simples! It’s nice if you don’t have any zips on or buttons that can press into you as you move. I always recommend toe socks as they help you keep your grip on the mat during the session, but these are only a MUST if you are attending a private apparatus session at The Studio, for hygiene reasons.

Do I have to fill out anything before my Pilates class?

Yes, you will be asked to fill out an online health and safety form at the time of your booking. Alternatively, follow this link and complete the questionnaire.

How much is my Pilates mat class?

I offer a selection of different classes. Please click here to see prices.

Payment is taken via the online booking system. I do half term payments however for your first class please just pay separately on the day, make sure you enjoy it.

If you have issues with half term payments, please speak to me and I can see what I can do. 😊