About Me

 “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”

Who Am I?

I am Lucy, Lou or Luce and Pilates Trainer…

Favourite Color: Pink, I kid myself that it is blue, but no it is pink, just take a look at my profile!

Favourite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Favourite Pilates Move: Has to be a teaser… again take a look at my profile!

Guilty Pleasure: Has to be a block of Castello cheese… yes I said a block, hehe.

Interests: Pilates (that was a given), Walking, Reading, Musical Theatre, Dancing, Being with Family and Friends, Positive Thinking.

What Makes Me Happy:

Without sounding like a cliché, life makes me happy. I have worked hard to ensure what I do excites and motivates me every morning when I wake up. I love where I live and try to make the most of it. Smile and the world will smile back.

What Does LA Pilates Offer:

I offer the opportunity for people to come and enjoy moving their bodies to help make everyday life easier. I work with a mixture of ages and abilities creating fun and dynamic classes to help inspire everyone. I work with adults with learning difficulties and find this to be one of the most rewarding things I do.

I teach Pilates mat classes, Apparatus and Personal Training.
My aim is to help people feel stronger and happier within themselves, we only have one body so let us make it the best it can be, so we can enjoy life to full.

Why I Do What I Do:

I have always wanted to help people and Pilates became something that allowed me to do this while still enjoying one of my main passions in life. When I was 28, I had a herniated disc which left me pretty much helpless and down in the dumps with life. I had to give up dancing and consequently my dance school, along with a lot of other things that gave me pleasure in life. I decided to go back to Pilates to help fix me and I never looked back.

I had practiced Pilates since I was 15years old, compulsory as part of my dancing, however this time I really got the benefits of what Pilates can give you. In my case, without sounding too dramatic, it gave me my life back. Within months of attending classes, I started to realise the agonising pain I had been experiencing was no longer there, I was becoming stronger and with this brought back my spark that had been taken from me, I even managed to run the Truro half marathon in 2018.

Pilates became my lifeline, not only did it give me the strength that enables me to enjoy life pain free but it gave me a life I long to wake up for each day. … isn’t that the dream? I consider myself very lucky to be able to teach what I am so passionate about. After all, if I could fix myself, I knew I could help others and that is why I do what I do.

My Training

Peak Pilates Teacher

CYQ Award Instructing Pre & Post Natal Exercise

BA (Hons) Dance Making & Performance

Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Syllabus

CYQ Level 2 Exercise and Physical Activity for Children

First Aid Trained