Lottie Loves Active’s – Activewear Brand Ambassador

Lucy Loves Active…

And she really does… Most of you that know me will know that I’m Pilates enthusiast and a lover of all things pink! I tried kidding myself for awhile that blue was my colour but it isn’t, (take a peek on my Instagram and you’ll see I’m telling the truth!).

So why this? Why now? And why Lottie? 1. I LOVE wearing great outfits that make you feel good… have you seen the styles Lottie has? 2. I LOVE what I do… When Lottie asked me if I would be interested in being an ambassador for Lottie Loves Active, I couldn’t say no. Pinch me now I get to try out new outfits and workout… okay!! 😊

One thing I have learnt over the years is that investing in good quality workout gear is the difference from having your thong showing or sagging elephant knees during your class. Let’s face it none of us like looking like we have been dragged though a bush backwards even if we are about to subject ourselves to the hundred or several teasers. Wearing clothes that make you feel amazing are the key to lifting your mood, feeling great and getting the best out of your workout or day (if you’re like me and wear gym gear all day and not ‘normal’ clothes hehe).

I am uber excited about this venture, I really think Lottie will have something to offer you all. Did I mention you get 10% discount by using my personal code TEASEME10… No? oops my bad, go on use it and treat yourself and make yourself feel EPIC!

Lot of Love xXx

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