Who is the ‘LA’ behind LA Pilates

The simple answer is ME! Lucy Angell, born and bred in Solihull in the West Midlands and now living in the beautiful land of Cornwall – not that I like rubbing that in at all…!

Since I can remember I have always loved moving…. In fact, I think I find it very hard to keep still! I was very lucky to be treated to Ballet and street dance lessons when I was younger and then I followed my passion and studied musical theatre at college and contemporary dance at university.

Towards the end of college and throughout my university days my love affair with the gym started, in fact there was a running joke at one point that I had a relationship with Jim, but no it was just the gym…… Anyway……. I became obsessed with all the classes, spin, step, body balance, boxercise, running and I would sometimes do this 2 or even 3 times a day…. You name it and I was there… If it meant I would sweat and genuinely be in some pain after, I wanted it in my life. What a nut job!

So, I finished university and I was ready…. I was going to set up my own dance school. Fast forward a few years, I was finally where I wanted to be! Amazing! I had my own little dance school based in the beautiful little village of St Agnes and I felt like a had won the lottery… And then that’s when my back went ‘NO!’ and I had a herniated disc.

“OOOOOCH!” Actually, “Ouch” doesn’t even start to cover it! I don’t believe I have ever experienced such pain in my whole life! HOWEVER, with a negative, there always comes a positive, and this is where my life changed.

I had always taken part in Pilates classes, in fact it was compulsory at university and surprisingly it was one of the many classes I took at the gym although it never made me out of breath so I thought nah!… But this is where I learnt that I clearly wasn’t doing Pilates any justice at all, apologies Joseph! (Joseph Pilates – the man behind it all!).

Nothing was working to fix my back and I refused to be on drugs and hobble around feeling sorry for myself so I finally got in contact with a wonderful lady Susan, she runs the Pilates Hub in Truro, and she showed me the world of Pilates apparatus and there was no looking back. A few months into taking regular classes I suddenly noticed, “hey, I’m not in pain” – this was an eureka moment. The light bulb in my head suddenly became a beacon of brightness and I knew I had found something incredible. To put this into perspective, when my back went, I struggled to even walk properly …so a year into regular training, both mat and apparatus Pilates, a friend asked me to run a half marathon in Truro and I said “yes!”, then I went, ‘oh! how the hec am I going to do this?’.

You know what? I did it, I ran, I got around the course, I did it in under 2.5 hours and I felt the most alive a had in years and it was down to this amazing thing called Pilates! I promise it wasn’t the fact I felt lightheaded and wanted to pass out after 13.5 miles! 😊

So that’s when I knew, if I could do it, I wanted to help others do it also. I wanted to be able to help others achieve their personal goals, whether it was recovery from injury, preventing injury or general fitness goals I wanted to help and I knew I could do it. One amazing thing I have learnt is that you do not need to be pushing your body to physical exhaustion like I used to, Pilates is hard, yes, but it is not about pain. Pilates is about control (in fact Pilates used to be called Contrology, fancy fact for you!) its about learning new body patterns and transferring them into everyday life to help us move more efficiently.

My Pilates journey has been the most incredible experience I have been through. I have learnt and met so many amazing people and I cannot believe what it has given me. Not only has it given me my back, back (I do still have to work on this btw there is no quick and final fix) but it has given me a life I thought I never could have. I am at the beginning of my journey but already I love what my clients give me and how I (and Pilates) have helped them. I thoroughly look forward to my future with this amazing craft.

I encourage everyone I meet to give Pilates a go and see what it can do for them … you might be surprised, not tried it? Come and give it go, I run group mat classes in Carnon Downs, Truro and private apparatus classes at my studio in Penpol.

And finally…You know what I really love about Pilates? There’s no limit, no age, size, gender, ability, everything is adaptable for the individual and that is why I love it, no one can miss out on the pure brilliance of what Pilates is and what it can do for them… go on, give it a go! 😊

The Lucy behind the LA

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