How and when to start Pilates?

Well…. There is always a good time to start Pilates or a new habit however the problem most people face is the first hurdle, which is the challenge to do something new within their daily routine. How many of us have said ‘right, I’m going to join the gym and get fit’? This, in an ideal world sounds great, however for a someone that isn’t used to this, it can very difficult to achieve and then suddenly you find yourself failing, which can then demotivate you.

Setting ourselves realistic goals is the key in which we can make real life changing choices. If you want to get fit, great! The first step is realising this, and you have done this… TICK! Now let’s break this down, how much time can you realistically invest in making this goal attainable? Half an hour, an hour? It doesn’t matter how much you do to start with, the goal is to get STARTED!

Once you have agreed the time you want to invest… give yourself another TICK, you now need to make a plan. If your new to something, like Pilates, it can be a mind field to make the right decision. There are so many DVD’s, online courses and classes out there, but how do you make the right decision that’s right for you? As a beginner I would wholeheartedly recommend seeking a professional instructor. Why? Because they can help you understand the basic movements you need to get the best foundation which will allow you to progress in a safe and efficient way. That’s not to say you can’t use DVD’s and online classes, these are great tools once you understand the basics. Look for classes in your local area, what draws you to them? You want to feel comfortable as possible so finding the right class and instructor is very important.

So, you have found the right class for you… TICK! Sign yourself up to a set a sessions’, this will help make your goal a habit and something you can realistically stick to. This can be daunting, however I can pretty much guarantee that within a few weeks of changing this small element of your lifestyle you will start feeling great. You are now on the road to changing your lifestyle not just as a quick fix but long term…. TICK, TICK!!

Last but not least, you are making the positive decision to improve your lifestyle for the long term not just for tomorrow. Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t put the pressure on too quickly. Start with a class a week and then you can build on this as and when you want to. Remember everyone starts at the beginning and we are all continually learning together, even the professionals.

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Happy Pilates!

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