Benefits of Pilates – Part 1


How many of us work our ‘abs off’ to try and get this ‘flat’ looking middle? Spend endless hours in the gym pumping away, blood, sweat and tears when really you could just be taking #Pilates classes! Non-impact yet FULL impact and feel muscles you didn’t know existed!

Honestly, I used to work myself to the bone on these boring (sorry if you enjoy them!) machines, not moving anywhere, staring at the same point in the room and listening to the same music and actually now when I look back, I wasn’t gaining in total body control I was actually making myself weaker by not using the correct muscles. #Pilates broke my boredom of the gym and not only has given me the shape I have today but the mindset and overall ‘wellness’ that I wasn’t experiencing from my past. Each to their own though!

Okay, so where is am I going with this? Well, as you have probably noticed I love #Pilates and I want to share with you one of the most important elements of what we do with you, to help you. 😊 Everyone has the capability of working towards doing a sit up, push up however I’d like to put money on it (although I’m not a gambler) that a massive percentage of us are working the wrong #muscles to initiate the movement we need to complete an exercise.

So, what do we need to do? We need to start at the start and learn where our #Pilates powerhouse is! And that’s it! Find your #Pilates powerhouse and then you have found the starting point for all your exercises, it really is that simple. Follow the steps below and see if you can discover your powerhouse – the mother and instigator of all movement.

Workout for the Core


Powerhouse (Buttons!)

Body Position

· Lye on your back

· Knees bent

· Legs together

· Arms by side

· Neutral pelvis (hip bones and pubic bone level)


· Imagine you have 3 buttons…

o 1. Pubic bone

o 2. In-between your belly button and pubic bone

o 3. Your belly button

· Start to draw into these buttons working 1,2,3

· Allow the movement to come from the muscles, keeping the bones still.

· Move through this movement for a few minutes to really feel the centre engaging, in and up.


· Suck your thumb really, really hard… feel the abdominals draw in? This is your powerhouse! 😊

When you feel you have located your ‘powerhouse’ you can then start to add in other exercises however you must make sure you are connected to your powerhouse the whole time!

Trust me when I say, finding your ‘powerhouse’ is the best thing you can invest in! Powerhouse = #strength and when we have strength, we can work towards achieving anything.

Fancy learning some new exercises to layer up on your #Pilates powerhouse? I run group #mat and #private 1:1 sessions for all abilities and ages. Quote LABLOG1 to receive your first private session for just £25! Valid till 1st September 2019.

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